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Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

Contoh- contoh Teks Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Descriptive Text
Bali Action

The amazing choice of different activities available in Bali means that there is indeed something for everyone. Whether you want to throw yourself from high attitudes, hurtle down frothing rapids, explore the wonders of the deep or just lie back and take it easy. Bali has perfected the art of keeping its guests happy.

The beach is a major factor in any island holiday and Bali has a coastline which offers every possible water activity including surfing some of the best waves in the world, swimming with dolphins, cruises, snorkelling, diving, sailing and parasailing. For snorkelling and diving, the closest spots to Kuta are Benoa and Sanur beaches where all the relevant equipment can be hired.

Further afield, good destinations include Pulau Serangan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan in the south, Padang Bai, Candidasa, Tulamben and Amed in the east, Lovina, in the north and the amazing Pulau Menjangan in the northwest.

Bali's waves are world famous and range from safe beach breaks for beginners like Kuta to the awesome swells at Padang Padang, Uluwatu and Nusa Lembongan, which regularly attract the pros. Beginners should respect the sea and stay within depth to start with as the current can be very strong. Apart from Kuta and Legian beaches, Medewi is also good for beginners. For the more experienced, Nusa Dua has a number of breaks as does Sanur; Canggu, Ketewel and the area around the airport are also popular with experienced surfers.
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Hortatory Exposition
Online Job

Online jobs are selected in part-time employment for many, and some have taken more seriously. A growing number of people are willing to take a job online. Working online has its advantages if we manage efectively. Why not?

It offers flexibility and convenience that no other job can give. We can work from home with minimal investment and get a good income. The idea of adding weight to our pocket and makes life easier and comfortable is the most reassuring.

The reason behind this great opportunity is that every day there are new companies to join. Every day and every minute men are seeking information aboute verything under the sky of the Internet.
As we know, the Internet is the answer to every question, web sites need to update each section and also add reports on developments that have recently joined. Therefore, it is an expansive space for articles.

There are a number of jobs we can work online. Some of them which strongly recommeded are writing, marketing, stock trading, and online education. However we should be very careful because scamming opportunities are always there.

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Recount Text
My Horror Experience

I stayed a night at Sakhuwa of Gati VDC because a landslide near Baseri had blocked the road, The next morning, I hopped onto the bus with registration number Ba 2 Kha 4013 that was on the way to Barhabise from Tatopani.

I took a seat by the doorside and remember that there were around 35 passengers, including me. The driver started the bus. A kilometer into the journey, I noticed a ditch on the road.

The driver tried to avert the ditch. Before I could know what was going on, the bus started hurtling towards the Bhotekoshi.

I had given up hope of surviving, but found a ventilator glass broken. I came out of the shattered glass and plunged into the Bhotekoshi.

The river carried me for about 35 kilometers and left me on the shallow surface. I passed out after that. The rescuers took me to a hospital when I regained consciousness.

I heard later that all except four passengers had survived. I have sustained injuries on the face, hands and other body parts. Nonetheless, I feel that surviving was my destiny.
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Contoh announcement 

Text School

To  : All the teachers and staff of SMKN 2 Kabanjahe

A one-day meeting will be held this week :

When : Thuesday, 9th December 2012 at 10 a.m to 3p.m
Where : Teacher's Room
Topic : National Examination preparation

Due the importance of the meeting,please be panctual.Bring yout ideas;bring your sugestions to make our students succesful in this examination.

The head of the national examination committee

Wahyu Tulus S.Pd .M.Pd.

Dari : Berbagai Sumber Bacaan

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